Humanizing Your Brand

Being in the market for more than a decade, our experienced designers and animators know how visual content influences your business to a greater extent if humanized. This could be achieved by explaining to your customers what your business is about and how they can benefit from it. Moreover, the most effective way to convey a complicated business message or model is by explaining through an elegantly crafted video. Our experienced animators at Pixelslogo generate various categories of video animations including, 2d including animators, whiteboard animators, testimonials videos, and typography animations. We aim to create targeted videos that lift your brand to new heights.

major features

Unique Characters

We formulate distinct characters that define your business and attract your audience.

Flawless Animations

Our skilled animators design videos with perfection on adding an ingenious touch to them.

Proven Results

Our productive video-crafting process ensures the potential results within the creation of every video.

Reasonable Prices

We offer the most affordable prices at Pixelslogo. Get your next quote now!

Most Affordable Packages

Being 10 years in the market, we are well acquainted with the competition.
That's why we bring the most reasonable price plans. We ensure quality over quantity.

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our video animation process

Our process has no limitations and keeps you hooked at every single step.


We start by gathering information about the idea of your mind, whether it's a message, aim, strategy, or brand.


We take your message and boil it down to make a stunning story that can grab the attention and hold the audience.


We formulate a language that is visually understandable and can bring life to your vision.


We select and match the most desirable voice to picture so that they together work as a perfect combo.


We bring life to characters and visuals through animation and generate eye-catching videos.

Final Design

At the final stage, we add sound, effects, and music to help the image land. The video is now ready to boom!

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